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Bismal Baktoo

Bismal (pronounced Bisma) is a Clinical Psychology Registrar who works full time at HMHK. Bismal is a hard working, dedicated and caring practitioner who seeks to improve the lives of the young people she sees. Bismal has completed her Masters of Clinical Psychology at the Australian college of Applied Psychology and is awaiting her full registration as a psychologist. Bismal provides a range of assessment and interventions to young people and their families. She is invovled in creating and running our group based interventions. 

Bismal completed her Master of Clinicla Psychology at the Australian College of Applied Psychology 2018, Bachelor of Psychology Honours with division 1 from Western Sydney University and Bachelor of Psychology degree from Delhi University with first-class. She has had clinical experience working with children and adolescents at the Australian College of Applied Psychology student clinic, conducting assessments, as well as extensive non-clinical experience working with children through her work with non-profit organizations such as Cancer society, tutoring and volunteering agencies in Australia and overseas.

Bismal initially joinged the HMHK  team as a provisional psychologist in January 2018 as part of her training. She quickly became and valued and integral part of our team and began part time emplyment following the completion of her placement and full time employment at the completion of her Masters degree. 

Bismal is a provisionally registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)Bismal is currently completing her clinical registrar program to become an endorsed Clinical Psychologist and is under the supervision of our Principal Psychologist, Emerson Österberg

If you would like to scedule an appointment with Bismal or find our more about our group programs, please contact us